Conte pokes Levy, has to be willing to add 2 offensive rounds in January

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Tottenham Hotspur head coach Antonio Conte has revealed progress when he discusses plans to strengthen the January transfer window with the club’s chairman Daniel Levy and sporting director Fabio Parati. Xi said that he had already told all his needs. From now on, it’s up to the chairman to support ufabet as requested or not.

According to the ‘ Mail Online ‘ Conte wants to increase its penetration by two men, one of whom was the Adama Traore wing camp Wolfe Wolverhampton. The sell-off was approve, including De Sole Allie , Stock Coogee Bay ‘s dock with Belem and Matt Doherty.  

The Carabao Cup match

The Boss aged 52 years, was ready to release its first Chelsea in the quarterfinals of the Carabao Cup match two (12 m . C .) Throw the burden to Levy so that new liquid supplement. Both the media and the fans will be insulted.

“ Our discussions have gone very well, for me and Paratici we are talking every day. But having the opportunity to talk to the owner of the team is very important, ” the Italian coach said.  

“ Including personally, I like this kind of relationship. Open your heart and talk to each other. Just tell the truth. ” 

“ I don’t like white lies. To maintain a relationship or to show that I am a gentle person. It’s better if we tell the truth. which happened to be a good meeting. ” 

“ Now the situation is clear. I am please to communicate my wishes to the club owners – personally I am fine . ” 

” I know the market situation . C . A simple majority must wait for players who want to have that last corner .”

“ I had experience before knowing and understanding it. But of course, every coach wants to work with the players they want as quickly as possible. ” 

“ But the club will make the decisions that are best from a business point of view. Based on most importantly my vision of the present or the future – they will decide that direction and move on. ” 

Another position Conte wants is another striker to help Harry Kane, who has been linked with Patrick Chic and Dusan Vlajovic.