Liverpool will not be investigated for players infected with COVID

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Liverpool will not be investigated for players infected with COVID-19 Many people aske to postpone the Carabao Cup game. Last week But it turn out to be a lot of false positives.

The Daily Mail reports that the English Football League (EFL) has no plans to investigate Liverpool FC over coronavirus tests. That is a false positive or false positives Liverpool get test results for COVID-19 As many as 40 players and staff have come in positive, prompting the club to cancel training ufabet, close training centers and postpone the Carabao Cup. 

Semi-final first leg away to Arsenal on Thursday. Which has been approve by the EFL But after that, Reds boss Jurgen Klopp stated that many people’s tests were wrong. The only person who actually got stuck is Trent Alexander-Arnold. Previously, it was speculate that Liverpool could be investigate as a result of the case. But the English Football League in charge of the Carabao Cup There will be no investigation into this matter. 

According to the Daily Mail, the EFL considers the evidence submit by the Reds to be of sufficient weight. And that the correct procedures were follow. Therefore, there is no reason to investigate or condone this matter.

But in contrast to false negatives, false positives — where people test positive despite not carrying the virus — are much rarer, the UKHSA says.

The agency estimated there would be three false positives for every 100,000 tests. 

And it said the likelihood of positive results being ‘true’ increases as Covid gets more prevalent.