Liverpool will be a parade to celebrate the success of the 2021-22 season

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Liverpool Football Club issued a statement to mobilize the masses, hoarding alcoholic beverages. And refueled the parade tank full of petrol Because Sunday, May 29. There will be a parade to celebrate the success of the 2021-22 season, regardless of whether the final two major champions, such as the English Premier League or the CHPL, will win it or not.

The Reds have already won the FA Cup and Carabao Cup 2022 and are still on track to make four trophies in a single season, despite the rare opportunity ufaebt.  

However, the city council, led by Mayor Joanne Anderson, has urged the club and ‘ The Kop ‘ fans not to worry about the season’s finale as just two trophies would have been the case . It’s worth the car oil.  

It is also a parade to celebrate the success of the 2020 English Premier League champions, who did not parade due to the Covid -19  lockdown.

The schedule that came out was after the ‘ Reds ‘ team returned from the Champions League final in Paris , France. On Saturday, May 28, they have to get off the plane to set up the parade from 16:00 local Sunday .  

In addition to the team of the men’s football team The event also featured a bus parade of the women’s soccer team that won the FA V-Man Championship .  

The same day in the morning there will also be a memorial service for the tragedy at Heysel Stadium. from club members and representatives from Liverpool City Council on the 39 fatalities  

The Liverpool 2022 Parade route runs 13.5km across the city centre, just like three years ago, starting on wheels from the Alterton Mass , south of the city. Go north through Queens Drive and finish up on Blundell Road , where a stage awaits.