Salah has been hit with a wave of social media attacks

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Liverpool superstar Mohamed Salah has been hit with a wave of social media attacks following his debut group Stage African Cup of Nations defeat to Nigeria 0 -1 yesterday when the lack of support like. When playing for the ufabet club It’s just one of the home players.

The 29- year- old’s status at Anfield is the number one killer. But when going to play for ‘ Pharaoh ‘, he exudes toxicity, especially in the first group D game, which has only caught the ball 35 times ( in frame 4 times ), shot one time ( on frame 1), dribbled through the marker 1 of 2. attempt times  

Brings a wave of attacks from netizens that Salah, if there is no good support from the team mate, ‘ Reds ‘ will not have the ability to be the bag for the motherland to succeed.  

” Salah looks useless with the lack of support from the Liverpool squad, ” tweeted the @iAmPhyton  account.

“ When there is no room to run and Salah is useless in another uncomfortable game, ” comment @i_am_Lass.

Or another @neosvy commented : ” Two defenders swarming over Salah at the same time, tears flowing. African Cup of Nations, not a pig at all. ” 

The Carlos’s ever Roz trainer of the national team of Egypt is trying to accuse Salah told the remaining two matches in the group stages of the points.

” We lost the game, but the remaining six points to hold in common , Sudan and Guinea Bissau to make it through the group stages .” 

Situation in Group D, Nigeria are top of the table with 3 points , Sudan and Guinea Bissau equal 1 point at 0-0 and Egypt are still scoreless.