Tuchel hints that January has a new face to reinforce the army

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Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel admits that the market in January Get a new face to reinforce the army for sure. Just have to wait until the end To see the immediate situation, how many people need to take. How awesome the quality is. Or if you look at it and it’s still enough to go together. It may lower the ceiling just to call the Shin loan back to the mother.

‘ Sing the Blues ‘  Tuchel encountered a problem with the choice of wing-backs. Two pillars on both sides of the field, match-fixing , the midfield switched on the face of injury. The drama of the target spear. And the situation of the defender behind the intermediary is about to expire, many contracts may become distracting

Therefore, the 48- year- old boss implied that he would have to solve the problem on the spot in this winter market ufabet

“ We have to adjust to the situation on a day to day basis. But this does not change the team , ” said the statement prepared before the game Carabao Cup round of shots, two visiting Spurs (12 m . C .).

“ There is no news or any progress. The team is looking into the market where we have some ideas. But there is no need for pressure. Or do that through the media, release it in the water. ” 

“ The injured players hope they can return as soon as possible. Which after that when we have the power to use I will be a happy coach. Personally very satisfied with what we have. We have had some problems with long-term injuries. So we just looked in the market for such a thing. But January is always specific. ”

“ Currently there is no progress. saw that in the end there would be more team transfers going on But I don’t know how big it will be. ”

Michael Hansen also talked about the possibility to pull back the El Mare Horizonte Palma Erie is returned from Lyons that in the negotiations the Billy Gilmore.  

“ Regarding the recall of Emerson , it was the same question. and the answer is the same No news yet If there is news, we will inform you of the progress. ”

“ On Billy’s side, we checked that guy’s injury. He is a team player. So come back here for the best review. so that we can find answers about the situation. ”

“ Then it can be decided together with him and Norwich what happened. There has been no discussion of whether he will stay or not. ”

Incidentally, visiting Tottenham Hotspur in the way Chelsea Tuchel stocked a score of 2-0 in the first leg, just at the worst, losing no more than one goal, will go to the final.