Collection of Cute bow tying ideas that can be tied every day.

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Hairstyle is another thing that makes girls have different characters. Whether it’s short hair, long hair, straight hair, curly hair, and in addition to hairstyles, various hair accessories also help to make the character more clear. Nowadays, girls have many accessories to decorate their hair. And one of the most popular ones is the hair bow, which has been a favorite of sweet girls for a long time. Just tying one bow can add many levels of Cute.

Who wants to be the owner of a sweet, innocent look in the style of a Cute. Let me tell you, you can’t miss hair bows of various designs. Even though they are small hair accessories, once attached they can help make your look stand out and bright easily. Report by ยูฟ่าเบท

Beautiful, sweet, polite with a bow with net.

When do you want to keep your hair neat? Design your look to look formal and polite. It is recommended to choose a hair bow that comes with a hair net. The advantage is that the net keeps the ends of the hair in one place. Makes no ends of hair fall out of the way If you’re afraid that using a bow like this will make you look old? It is recommended to choose a simple design without lace. 

Tie a mini bow all over your head.

Anyone who has a mini bow or a mini bow is recommended to wear it all over the head. We can say that wearing a bow like this catches the eye. It looks trendy but still maintains its sweetness. A simple idea is to straighten or curl your hair to finish.

Then take a mini bow that comes in the form of a clip and attach it all over your head. Don’t forget to stick it to make it look spread out. Do not pile up on one side. If you don’t want to look too much, you should choose just 1 – 2 colors for the bow. Or if you want to go all out, you can mix several colors. This idea is very suitable for dressing in a white dress. Dressed accordingly and looked very attractive. 

Simple and elegant, looks good with a velvet bow.

If there are days when you want to design a simple look but still look good and still have a youthful look. It is recommended to choose a bow made from velvet. The highlight is that the fabric is quite shaped. The softness of velvet makes the design look more premium. Be sure to choose one with gold buttons or pearls to keep it from looking too simple. Just stick it on top of the hair tie and you’ll get a girly look that’s sweet and expensive.

Double cute ribbon bow

Who said plain colored ribbons with simple designs are only used on school days? In fact, these plain colored ribbons can be used to design your child’s look as well. Just tie it with a twist to make the look look more dramatic. A simple idea is to tie small ribbon bows to the hair in several places on the head. Just this, it doesn’t look ordinary, like tying hair on both sides. Then tie the ribbon over the rubber band. Followed by braiding Tie the ends of the braid again. and tie the ribbon again Some people may tie the ribbon around the center of the braid again. By tying the ribbon in several places like this, it will make the look more fun. But still cute and sweet

Oversized bow Tie in one piece and you’re done.

What days do you want to design a standout look but don’t want to tie many bows? Let me tell you that the oversized bow design is the best answer. One piece can handle it. Beautiful and expensive like shouting Plus she looks like a sweet fashionista. For this idea, just tie your hair in a ponytail followed by braiding it. Then tie a bow in the middle of your head. Just like this, the hairstyle will look more interesting. Or if you don’t want to make braiding difficult It is recommended to gather your hair in the middle of your head. Let the ponytail show off your beautiful hair. Then tie an oversized bow. That’s all, it’s beautiful. Cute and looks trendy