Pack your bag for traveling abroad Save space

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After choosing which foreign tour to go on Completed traveling preparation documents. We has professional techniques for packing your luggage to travel abroad. Because each tour isn’t just for one or two days. If you are not prepare carefully Traveling may be disruption and not as fun as it should be. Are there any things you need to prepare for.

Choose the right bag for traveling.

First of all, we have to choose a suitcase that is appropriate for our travel. both in the matter of The weight of the bag is suitable for traveling. Number of travel days, for example, traveling for 1-3 days can use a suitcase that is approximately 20 inches in size, traveling for 4-6 days can use a suitcase that is approximately 24 inches, etc. Report by โปรโมชั่น ufabet

     And you should look at our travel plans to see how often we move hotels. Or need to walk for a long time Before reaching the luggage accommodation You should choose a traveling bag with wheels.

Check the weather conditions where you are going.

You should check the weather conditions. and the geography of the country to be travel to in order to prepare appropriate clothing This will also affect the size of the suitcase.

Organizing clothes

Small or thin items of clothing should be roll up to save space in your bag. Thick clothing or sweaters will take up space in your suitcase due to their bulk. Therefore, sweaters should be place in a ziplock bag. and squeeze all the air out before putting it in your suitcase

for underwear It should be store in a small bag. another before putting it into the suitcase. to store in an orderly manner and easy to pick up and use in proportion

Sort items by size and weight.

Heavy or large items should be arrange at the bottom of the bag. For convenience in picking up and using other items.

Equipment and supplies are separate into small bags.

The equipment should be separate. and various items put in a small bag before putting in the suitcase For convenience in picking up and using.


Shoes should be store in a shoe bag. or a small canvas bag for convenience And so that the shoes do not lose their shape You should stuff the socks you need. Put it in your shoes as well. 

Children’s bag

Add a foldable bag for your child, such as an umbrella bag. For space to put souvenirs And can be carry on the plane. When we buy souvenirs back Will not take up space in your suitcase.