Steps to storing your bed correctly

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Mattresses and bed are one of the most essential bedroom items. However, many people often encounter problems. The sheets are wrinkled, not tight, not smooth like what you see on hotel beds. Until it makes you irritated and makes you want to get up and lay it all over again. Therefore, we has volunteered to bring you the process of making the bed or laying the mattress like in a hotel.

Cleaning up your bed will help keep your mattress cleaner.

Take things out of bed

The first thing you need to do is get everything off the bed. Whether it’s pillows, blankets, dolls, or various fabrics, prepare to change to new bedsheets. This will make it easier to fit the bed into the corner. But equally important is to put the said item on a table or chair in another area. Do not place items in piles on the floor. To prevent dust and various germs. Report by สมัคร ufabet

Place a dust mite-proof mattress cover or mattress cover.

Putting a good quality dust mite protection cloth on top is the first layer. It will help prevent allergy symptoms from dust mites. Helps people with asthma get better. Or in the case of bed sheets, it helps prevent dirt or stains. that may occur, such as sweat, yellow stains, stains, and can help reduce humidity as well So when all the things from the bed are finished You place a dust mite-proof mattress cover or mattress cover. By laying it out to cover the mattress.

Lay the bed with tight corners.

Once your dust mite-proof mattress cover or mattress cover is in place, it’s time to change your bedding. You place the bedsheets at the corners. (Fabric with flexible corners) with flexible sides inserted over the mattress. Make sure the sheets fit snugly against the corners of the bed. Then tuck the excess bottom end of the sheet under the mattress. Pull tight and repeat with the other side of the fabric. while making the hand face down This will prevent the fabric from coming off and help make the job as neat as possible.

Place the duvet

Take the quilt that has been dried and lay it neatly on the bed. Make sure the duvet covers the entire bed. and has the same length on each side. The top corner of the comforter should be approximately 6 inches from the corner of the headboard.  Put water in a spray or foggy bottle. Then spray it on the area with wrinkles. Gently pat until the wrinkles on the duvet disappear.

Place blankets and pillows

Many people may be wondering how a blanket is different from a duvet. The duvet needs to be thicker, softer and warmer than a normal blanket. The inside of the duvet is stuffed with cotton or synthetic material that is responsible for retaining warmth. While general blankets are usually only a thin piece of cloth covering the body. Once the rest of the bed is arranged, place the blankets and pillows last. Grab the pillow and fluff it before placing it on the bed. If you have more than 2 pillows, place 2 pillows on top of each other on the headboard.